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Welcome to this assorted collection of my explorations.
I'm an Industrial Designer currently in my final year of undergrad and exploring myself, working across physical and digital experiences. I use this space to showcase my work portfolio and share my articulations and thoughts on the wide world of ID.

My journey started with the word “product design” in Steve Jobs’s biography. I am proud that throughout my bachelor's so far, I have managed to match my passion to my design outputs. I am always looking at the future and taking into consideration the technological advances in the digital sector. I like to experiment by pairing physical and digital products, as this sets my practice into perspective thinking.
More recently, I’ve been able to explore this thought process at the ID department of BOSCH, working on live ongoing projects through Industrial Design, UX development, and user and brand study.
Before this, I had the pleasure of applying my design skills in a variety of sectors, from industrial equipment to consumer technology, and ergonomic equipment.


If you'd like to chat, talk about projects or see what else I get up to, you can catch me at the links below or in contact.


2021 - Case Study on Ankylosing Spondylitis 

2022 - Behance Feature in Industrial Design


2021 - Gold Prize ,TEDA Cup, Taiwan 

2021 - CII - Young Designers Awards (YDA)

Finalist | Product Design Category.

2021 - Toycathon, India

Winner | Assistive Technology

2020 - Hand For Handmade

Finalist | Craft design challenge

2020 - IISF '20

Winner | SEMC for NaviQ

Positions Held

Institute Innovation Council (IIC)

TEDxDTU - Content and Research

Team Head | 2019-present

Design at ALTAIR Robotics, DTU

Team Member | 2019- 2020


TATA Elxsi    -   Bangalore, India

Product Design Intern | 4 Months 

CSIR - CEERI   -   Pilani, India

Project Intern | 4 Months

Bosch   -   Bangalore, India

Industrial Design Intern | 5 Months 

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